Monday, February 8, 2016

Through The Lens of Mr. Popper: Thinking

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Hi. Today I'm talking about my thinking on the subject of Mr.Poppers Penguins. There are two sides of thinking captivity or natural habitat. We had to choose one side and I choose captivity. We had to put one word why we wanted it there, and my word was... family. My thinking might still change though, there is a possibility that it will change because Mr. Popper is in jail with the penguins but with the saving of Admiral Drake they got out. That is why I could have ALMOST changed my thinking. But they both caught my eye in so many ways I still can't decide... That's all for now, Bye!


  1. Rachel, I love how you have a growth mindset when you say, "my thinking might change". You are open to the fact that as you continue to read your thinking might turn into something different and that's totally okay! As a learner it is so important to have that mindset.

  2. Rachel both captivity and natural habitat have their pros and cons. I wonder which one will win?