Friday, February 5, 2016

Tug-Of-War With Mr Poppers Penguins

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Tug-Of-War is a board for your thoughts of Mr. Poppers Penguins. About a month ago we started reading Mr. Poppers Penguins. In Tug-Of-War the third grade decides if you think the Penguins in the book should be in captivity or their natural habitat at the North Pole. I put the penguins in the natural habitat because... In the book Mr. Popper is a house painter with two children. Bill and Janie and one wife and they live on 459 Proudfoot Ave. in Stillwater. Mr. Popper is very interested in penguins because he has never been out of Stillwater. Mr. Popper sent a letter to Admiral Drake and did not tell his wife or children. Admiral Drake who is an Antarctic explorer very interested in penguins and the Antarctic environment. Admiral Drake also reports his findings at the Antarctic. One day Admiral Drake called out to Mr. Popper and he said (this is right from the book). "This is Admiral Drake speaking. Hello, mamma Hello, papa. Hello, Mr. Popper up there in Stillwater. Thanks for your nice letter about the pictures about the last expedition. Watch for an answer. But not be letter. Watch for a surprise. Signing off. Signing off." Then a few days later Mr.Popper got a surprise. A penguin! Then the penguin hopped out of the box! Then they had to give him a name Captain Cook. Then a few weeks later Captain Cook got very sick. They went to a penguin specialist and he said that Captain Cook was sad and sick because he needed someone to love. Then they brought another penguin home they named it Greta. Then a few weeks later they had eggs but more than normal. Then a little bit later the eggs hatched. They had 10 baby penguins they named them:  Nelson, Columbus, Louisa, Jenny, Scott, Magellan, Adelina, Isabella, Ferdinand and Victoria. Then they figured out they had very good talents. Then they saw how good they were they decided they should bring them to the circus because they were very low on money. They bought them to the circus. The man who ran the circus Mr. Greenbaum did not care for the penguins. Then he noticed that their starting act would not show up so he chose the penguins to do the starting act and it was their first time doing the show in front of people. They did the act and everyone loved it. So he offered them to the circus. He said he'd pay them 5,000 dollars a week. The Poppers said yes! He said the next act would be in Seattle. So they went there and watched all the acts and that's where we stopped! I picked Natural Habitat because everyone was freaking out about the penguins back at Stillwater. But today I am going to change my pin to captivity because everyone at the circus liked them.

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  1. Having the penguins in captivity is fun for everyone at the circus, but I wonder how the penguins like it? I love going to the circus, but your post is making me think about the circus in a different way.