Monday, February 8, 2016

Mr. Popper Tug-of-war

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I am on the natural habitat side. I think this because Mr. Popper can not afford to care for the penguins anymore even though the Poppers are making a lot of money. They have to spend it all on travel, care, and food. Mr. Popper accidentally went to the wrong theatre and got arrested and so did the penguins. In their cell they sat quietly and it is becoming spring, and the penguins are getting irritable in jail without the ice to keep them cold. The penguins are getting a little bit homesick because they are traveling all over the country. The penguins are getting a little bit of fresh air through a little window. The penguins would get a lot more fresh air in their natural habitat. So that's my thinking about Mr. Poppers penguins!


  1. Lauren, it seems like you have a lot of examples from the text that have supported your reasoning well as to why they should live in their natural habitat.

  2. Lauren you really gave good evidence about why the penguins should be in their natural habitat. I wonder if you have any reasons why they might want to be in captivity?