Friday, February 12, 2016

Mr.Popper Has A Dilemma

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In Mr.Popper there is two ways for Mr.Popper to go he can either send the penguins to the North Pole or keep them. But I think that it is a bad idea to send the penguins to the North Pole because of the polar bears and stuff the penguins are not used to being with all the other animals.


  1. wow! I TOTALLY agree with you I would never send my penguins to the North Pole I mean it's SOOOOOOOO cold there!!

  2. I feel like Mr.Popper should let the penguins go back to the North Pole. I think that because the penguins might have a better life in the North Pole. :)

  3. I also agree with you and Annalisa because I love animals and I also love penguins and if I was in Mr.poppers position I would get a winter or a part time job to make a bit of money to take care of his family and the penguins!!!