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The Adelie Penguins are endangered

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We read an article with Mr. M today about an iceberg blocking penguins from open water and getting food. The Adelie penguins are endangered. The Penguins have to walk 120 km to open water. A lot of penguins have died over the journey. An iceberg that is as big as Rome blocked the place where they would dive in to get food. This made me change my thinking again to natural habitat. I'm on the natural habitat side and on the captivity side. I'm on the natural habitat side because they need food and the cold. I'm on the captivity side because their natural habitat is killing them and Mr. or Mrs. Popper could run to the store for food. So I'm on both sides. It's hard to decide. My class finished Mr. Popper's Penguins a few weeks ago. It was a really good book it was the best book ever. At the end, Mr. Popper has to made a big choice.  He might give the Penguins to Mr. Klein or give them to Admiral Drake. Mr. Klein who was going to take the Penguins to Hollywood and Admiral Drake will take them to the North Pole. Mr.Popper made the decision he was going to the North Pole and Mr. Popper decided to go with him. There are many hard choices.

Trapped Adelie Penguins

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My class is done with reading Mr. Popper's Penguins and it was really good. With Mr. M, we read an article and watched a video about Adelie penguin's natural habitat being effected by an iceberg. These penguins are dying. So that made me change my thinking to that they should live in captivity because there could be people who could go and help them and save them. If penguins lived in captivity, a person could just go to the store and get food for them like shrimp or fish instead of those penguins waddling over 120 km to get food so I just think that people could go to the store and get food for them. So that is my idea! Now I'm going on to my talking about the end off the story about Mr. Poppers Penguins they went to take the Penguins to Antartica. And that's All!!!!!!!!

The Big Iceberg

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Oh no!  Adelie penguins are almost are extinct. There were 150,000 now there are 10,000, isn't that horrible? The are having a hard time getting to their food. Adelie penguins are the smallest penguins in the world and they have to travel 70 miles to get food. There was a really big iceberg. The iceberg was as big as Rome. Rome is in Italy and it is big! That is really big. I'm really sad that they are almost extinct.

The Adelie Penguins Are Endangered

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The Adelie penguins are endangered. The penguins have to walk 120km just to get food. A lot of the penguins have died on the long journey. An iceberg has hit their natural habitat and it has made it impossible for them to get into the water and to get food. 150,000 penguins have died over the journey to be exact. At the end of the book I put my thinking closer to natural habitat. But now that I have seen and heard about this iceberg effecting the penguins, I don't think they should be in their natural habitat and they should be in a zoo. This book was so good and it was very fun and funny to read. I think Mrs. Popper, Mr. Popper, Janie and Bill are all really silly. I loved this book. The hard part is thinking about the terrible things happening in their natural habitat.
By: Rebekah T.

Iceberg Shifts

We finally finished reading Mr. Poppers Penguins. Mr. Popper brought the penguins back to their natural habitat. I think It was the good thing to do. Because now the Penguins are free. But it can be dangerous for Penguins to be free. A giant iceberg shifted in 2010 and now Penguins have to travel 120 km just to get some food! This crisis turned a penguin colony from 160,000 penguins to 10,000 penguins! The species of penguins who suffered this is the Adelie penguins. I hope the number of penguins goes up soon and they start to be able to get food easier. I also hope that somebody helps the penguins very soon because penguins are one of my favorite animals. There's lots of people who's favorite animal is the penguin too. I think we can save the Adelie Penguins if lots of people help the Adelie penguins get their food and help them through this terrible time.

Making A Tough Decision

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In 2015 there was in announcement that 150,000 Adelie penguins had died after a super sized iceberg the size of Rome blocked the water source to the Penguins. The Penguins in Mr. Popper's Penguins are the Adelie Penguins. In my last post I switched from captivity to natural habitat on our Tug of War because of the climate in jail was not right for the penguins. But now I'm having a tug toward captivity. The reason why I think that I should change back to captivity is because of what happened to all the penguins in their natural habitat, so this is really confusing me because I've already changed my thinking twice. I think that I should change it back because of what happened in real life. That's why I think I should change it.

Adelie Almost Extinct

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Adelie Almost Extinct!  At the end of the book, my thinking was more toward captivity because they were pretty happy with Mr. Popper. We read an article about an iceberg the size of Rome that recently shifted and blocked a penguin colony from open water. It made it hard for the penguins to find food. It also makes it hard for the penguins to find food for their babies. Now, they them travel 120 km.! 140,000 penguins have died! After reading this article, my thinking did not change because they would have easier access to food. I hope you liked my blog!

Almost Extinct

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Before I do my post it's really sad that 150,000 penguins died and they will have to waddle 120km to open water. Back to Tug-Of-War, as you know I was on the side of captivity for Tug-Of-War...I am switching to Natural Habitat so the Penguins can roam free. At the end of Mr. Popper's Penguins the Penguins went back to their own home. That's probably the best thing to do. But I could be half and half with Tug-Of-War. Thing's can happen like icebergs shifting and soon they could be extinct. At first when we where about in the middle of Mr. Popper's Penguins I thought they should stay in captivity but after we finished the book I thought they should go back to Natural Habitat. That iceberg was there for 5 years! Scientists predict that the penguin colony could be gone by 2026. That's 20 years! What can we do?

The HUGE Decision...

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My class has finished Mr.Poppers penguins this is what I think... In Mr.Poppers penguins at the end Mr.Popper gave the penguins to The Admiral Drake and put them back into their Natural Habitat,Antarctica. The Poppers were very sad to see the penguins go but they knew it was for the best. Mr.Popper also decided to go to Antarctica to say the last goodbye to the Popper Penguins. All of the Poppers sincerely missed the penguins. ... 150'000 Penguins Killed In 2011 a giant iceberg that had shifted and left 160,000 Adelie penguins landlocked. The Adelie penguins have to walk 120km (240 mi) just to get food! From that the population has gone down A LOT! In 2011 there was 160,000 and now the population is 10,000 witch isn't far from extinction. Scientists predict that the Adelie species will be extinct in 20 years. This is what has made me stuck in Tug-Of-War. I'm assuming that the reason the iceberg shifted is because the pollution that was melting the ice that caused the iceberg to move. But in captivity the pollution would be worse. In Mr. Poppers penguins the penguins were kept in captivity and Captain Cook almost died but the 150,000 died in their natural habitat so I do not know where to put myself in Tug-a Of-War. Right now I am thinking to put my thinking in the middle but more towards natural habitat even though more penguins died in their natural habitat that was because of us because we are driving so much.

My Thinking Has Changed AGAIN!

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My thinking has changed to captivity, again, because a really REALLY big iceberg moved and penguins have to abandon their eggs. The chicks freeze to death and are being abandoned by their mom and dad. We need to HELP these endangered birds. The numbers of the birds that didn't make it to food is 150,000 Adelie. What can you do?

Big Decision

The Adelie penguins are in big trouble because of an iceberg that is the size of Rome and it killed 150,000 Adelie penguins and if the iceberg doesn't melt away then all of the Adelie penguins will be gone. The iceberg has been there since 2011 and it is 2016 now. Scientists think that in 2036 Adelie penguins will be extinct . We need to try to help them or they will all die and we can't let that happen.

Adelie Penguins Might Be Extinct!

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OH NO! Adelie penguins are endangered! There colony got landlocked by an iceberg in 2011.The penguins can't get any fish,shrimp,or any food! This is very very bad.An article was posted in 2015 by Bonnie Malkin all about this crazy problem.If we did this on our tug-of-war wall I would SO put mine in captivity.So many penguins died.The amount of penguins before this happened was 160,000.But now it's only 10,000! That is a lot of penguins that have died over 6 years.Oh,and these are the same kind of penguins that were in the book Mr.Poppers Penguins.At the end of the book they eventually got out of jail.And the penguins all went back to Antarctica with Mr.Popper and The Admiral Drake.So they went back to they're natural habitat.But the penguins in Antarctica right now have to travel 50 c.l just to get some food.that is a very long way.But now the penguins are dieing,in there natural habitat!And there young chicks are freezing.Most of them died.Like I said before, SOOOOOO captivity.This is a very bad problem that someone needs to fix.Adelie penguins will probably be extinct in about 2026 if now one fixes this terrible terrible problem.AND WE LOVE ADELIE PENGUINS RIGHT?WE NEED TO SAVE THEM!OR ELSE THE'LL ALL BE GONE!for....good....We'll,that's all I have for today.Well BYE!-