Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mr.Popper Crashed

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Tug-Of-War I have kept my thinking in the same place. Natural Habitat. My last blog was about how Mr.Popper got his penguins,who he was,his family,what he did for living and why my thinking is in the natural habitat. From last time Mr.Popper is in jail. How you might ask well this is how... Last time the Popper were in Boston. They saw all of the other acts but did not perform. After they performed they went to New York to perform at Royal Theater and stayed at the Tower Hotel looking over Central Park. Next they unpacked and went to sleep. Mr.Popper did not get much sleep. That's when he made a huge mistake! The next day the Poppers an their performing got in a cab and Mr. Popper said "This is right from the book" Regal Theater". The taxi driver said "Ok". They got to the theater a little while later. They went inside and saw the act on stage. Seals! They went to the dressing room to get ready and saw the seals in there. Mrs. Popper told Bill and Janie to get the cops and the firemen. Mr. Popper was sorting out the problem with the seals. The firemen and policemen got all suited up and ready and then went to the dressing room expecting a fire but no all they saw was seals and penguins with the seals ready to attack. They all laughed. The firemen out their hats on the penguins and the policemen put their hats on the seals. Then Mr. Popper and the theater manager and the manager went crazy. Then after awhile they sorted it out and Mr. Popper said "This is right from the book" Mr.Greenbaum is paying us 5,000 dollars a week and the manager said this is not Mr.Greenbaums theater. Then the manager said "arrest this man for parading in my theater. Then they took him to the station and put him and the penguins in a holding cell. Him and the penguins are not doing well. The penguins are getting very hot and sick. That's where we stopped! :)

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