Monday, February 8, 2016

Penguin Thinking

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Hi today I'm going to tell you about my thinking about Mr. Popper and the penguins. At first my clip was closer to captivity because the penguins were happy with Mr.Popper. But as I read on my thinking changed. I am in natural habitat now. I'm going to tell you why I am there. The penguins are getting tired and every thing is getting to expensive even though the Poppers are getting paid a lot of money. The Poppers are losing their money because they need to pay for fresh fish sent in from the coast and paying for big ice chunks to be brought up to the Popper's hotel rooms. Finally I'm going to tell you what my conclusion is. I am on the Natural Habitat side my sticky note says "Spring is coming".

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  1. Anna, I like how you realized that your thinking has changed as you read more. You also made a lot of connections with you evidence from the text Could you explain more why you chose the words, Spring is coming for your sticky note?