Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Penguins Are Getting Hot

Mr. Popper should send the penguins back to Antarctica because spring is coming and its getting very hot. Mr. Popper got in jail and Admiral Drake came and got him out, he said that he had a long story to tell. When Mr. Popper was in jail he looked haggard. Mr. Popper got in trouble with the manager because they went to the wrong theater. That is why he's in jail.


  1. Nadia I think the penguins should go back home too. I feel bad thinking they will be in the hot sun! I wonder if they would like to live in Mr. Popper's house if he turned on the air conditioner?

  2. I think that the penguins should go back home because cold is there regular condition, but Mr.Popper will be very sad if he lets the penguins go home. I wonder if the penguins will go back home. I am glad you are enjoying the book.

  3. This is definitely a very special case, but I still think the penguins would be more comfortable in their natural habitat.