Monday, March 7, 2016

The HUGE Decision...

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My class has finished Mr.Poppers penguins this is what I think... In Mr.Poppers penguins at the end Mr.Popper gave the penguins to The Admiral Drake and put them back into their Natural Habitat,Antarctica. The Poppers were very sad to see the penguins go but they knew it was for the best. Mr.Popper also decided to go to Antarctica to say the last goodbye to the Popper Penguins. All of the Poppers sincerely missed the penguins. ... 150'000 Penguins Killed In 2011 a giant iceberg that had shifted and left 160,000 Adelie penguins landlocked. The Adelie penguins have to walk 120km (240 mi) just to get food! From that the population has gone down A LOT! In 2011 there was 160,000 and now the population is 10,000 witch isn't far from extinction. Scientists predict that the Adelie species will be extinct in 20 years. This is what has made me stuck in Tug-Of-War. I'm assuming that the reason the iceberg shifted is because the pollution that was melting the ice that caused the iceberg to move. But in captivity the pollution would be worse. In Mr. Poppers penguins the penguins were kept in captivity and Captain Cook almost died but the 150,000 died in their natural habitat so I do not know where to put myself in Tug-a Of-War. Right now I am thinking to put my thinking in the middle but more towards natural habitat even though more penguins died in their natural habitat that was because of us because we are driving so much.

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