Monday, March 7, 2016

The Adelie Penguins are endangered

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We read an article with Mr. M today about an iceberg blocking penguins from open water and getting food. The Adelie penguins are endangered. The Penguins have to walk 120 km to open water. A lot of penguins have died over the journey. An iceberg that is as big as Rome blocked the place where they would dive in to get food. This made me change my thinking again to natural habitat. I'm on the natural habitat side and on the captivity side. I'm on the natural habitat side because they need food and the cold. I'm on the captivity side because their natural habitat is killing them and Mr. or Mrs. Popper could run to the store for food. So I'm on both sides. It's hard to decide. My class finished Mr. Popper's Penguins a few weeks ago. It was a really good book it was the best book ever. At the end, Mr. Popper has to made a big choice.  He might give the Penguins to Mr. Klein or give them to Admiral Drake. Mr. Klein who was going to take the Penguins to Hollywood and Admiral Drake will take them to the North Pole. Mr.Popper made the decision he was going to the North Pole and Mr. Popper decided to go with him. There are many hard choices.

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  1. I am proud of the post's author for talking about seeing a situation from different angles. Great critical thinking about the "many hard choices."