Monday, March 7, 2016

Adelie Penguins Might Be Extinct!

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OH NO! Adelie penguins are endangered! There colony got landlocked by an iceberg in 2011.The penguins can't get any fish,shrimp,or any food! This is very very bad.An article was posted in 2015 by Bonnie Malkin all about this crazy problem.If we did this on our tug-of-war wall I would SO put mine in captivity.So many penguins died.The amount of penguins before this happened was 160,000.But now it's only 10,000! That is a lot of penguins that have died over 6 years.Oh,and these are the same kind of penguins that were in the book Mr.Poppers Penguins.At the end of the book they eventually got out of jail.And the penguins all went back to Antarctica with Mr.Popper and The Admiral Drake.So they went back to they're natural habitat.But the penguins in Antarctica right now have to travel 50 c.l just to get some food.that is a very long way.But now the penguins are dieing,in there natural habitat!And there young chicks are freezing.Most of them died.Like I said before, SOOOOOO captivity.This is a very bad problem that someone needs to fix.Adelie penguins will probably be extinct in about 2026 if now one fixes this terrible terrible problem.AND WE LOVE ADELIE PENGUINS RIGHT?WE NEED TO SAVE THEM!OR ELSE THE'LL ALL BE GONE!for....good....We'll,that's all I have for today.Well BYE!-

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